Adsense Best Practices

This page will outline practical steps and ideas to improve your websites and Google Adsense earnings and avoid bans.

This content is tailored mainly for African Adsense publishers – Nigerians, Ghanaian, Kenyan etc. Anyone who has come to accept a cpc of 4 cents as the norm will sure benefit from this.

Improve User Experience:

All users should have a great experience on your site. I know most of you are here just to see tweaks to improve your adsense earnings and avoid ban.

A great user experience is the best way to begin.  Here are few ways to improve user experience on your site:

  • Opt for a responsive design.
  • Make it easy to find content
  • Make it fast (as fast as possible) – Use google page speed insight  (strive for 70+)
  • Organic search – Make sure your site is receiving a decent amount of organic traffic

Diversify Traffic – Social, Local, Mobile

This is a good strategy to improve earnings. It’s no news that traffic from places like the UK, US, france, Canada etc will pay much more than traffic from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe.

There’s a good population of Africans in those high paying European countries. These guys also wanna know what’s happening in their countries of origin.

The idea is to tailor you contents so International audiences find it appealing.

Here are key points to diversifying your Traffic.

  • International traffic has 5x higher CPM
  • Focus on social strategy – largest publishers from Africa are generating the most traffic from social.(lauch campaigns, competition, Give em something to win, Post controversial stuffs about things happening in your country)
  • Customize content – Have categories by states/regions
  • Mobile messages – Most users in Africa are on mobile. Make sure your contents displays perfectly on mobile

Improve Ad Placements

Ad visibility matters a lot. An ad is considered viewed if 50% of the ad is seen for 1 sec.

Check out the google viewablity score.

For best Viewability score, ensure that the ads are:

  • Above the fold
  • Below the banner
  • Close to the most viewed content on your page


Place ad on your most visited page

Place ads on your exit pages

Ad Sizes

The rule of the thumb is to find the largest possible size that fits well on your site.

336 x 280 is my favorite.

nb: Advertisers that pay large cpms are often interested in larger ad sizes.


Allow More Advertisers to Compete

Don’t block advertiser/Network. The more advertisers the better.

Blocking an advertiser or network reduces the auction pressure which in turn reduces your eCPM.

Also, allow all your ads to show image and text version.

Same logic: more ads – more competition – more money.


Matched Content

These are ads that takes contents from your site, and recommends them to users alonside paid ads.

This increases user engagement which improves your overall website standing.


Mobile Ad Monetization Best Practices

  1. 320 x 100 works very well at the top of a mobile page.
  2. Social share buttons should be visible
  3. 300 x 250 is one of the best performing ads globally(esp for mobile)


Page level ads

This is a combination of Anchor and vignette ads

These ads only serve on high end mobile devices.