About The BBC Hausa


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Launched on March 13rd, 1957. The BBC Hausa service is part of the BBC world service which comprises of the broadcasting radio station, online portal. The BBC Hausa airs in hausa language and target audiences that understand the language, spanning in Nigeria and other west African countries of Niger, Chad and Togo.

It office is located in London and a Bureau in Abuja.

This service provides news in politics and sports. Moreover, you can read local news, gossips about celebrities and get to know about all spectacular weddings, and all that in Hausa language. The portal uses only trustworthy and verified news sources, so the possibility of fake or incorrect information comes to naught. That is the reason of high level of trust among the African people.
Their services include:
An educational role for nations and acquisition of moral standards. An informational role for African people. Creation of personal views on current issues. Help with self-identification for Hausa-speaking people. Raising political, social, and economic issues important to the population.

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