4 Common Mistakes Made by Travelers You Must Avoid


10 Common Mistakes Made by Travelers You Must Avoid.

Mistakes Made by Travelers – See some common mistakes you must avoid whenever you want to travel right here on this page.

4 Common Mistakes Made by Travelers You Must Avoid

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It’s quite an interesting thing to explore the world by traveling around it. But the question is, are you sure that you are no making any mistake during your travel preparation period? All that, we will get to know in this article.

Here on this page, I will list out to you the four common mistakes that travelers do make when traveling. Though sometimes a traveler may not take this as important, believe me, they are.

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10 Common Mistakes Made by Travelers

So, below here are the 4 most made mistakes by travelers of all time

  • Overweight luggage
  • Lateness
  • Shortage of Money
  • Not checking your phone plan
  • Not getting enough local currency from the airport
  • Not buying travel insurance
  • Not checking visa requirement
  • Not keeping your valuables safe
  • Cultural insensitivity

1. Overweight luggage

A lot of travellers make the mistake of jampacking all their outfits in their box, causing difficulty in moving their luggage around and overweight. Overweight may result in a high baggage fee charge. So it is important you pack your bag but remove half of all the clothes you initially plan to go with. There’s a likelihood that you may not put on all the clothes you want to take along.

2. Lateness

Lateness during travelling is dangerous. Many first-time travellers have missed their flight because of waking up late. So ensure you get enough sleep before travelling so you can wake up as early as possible.

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3. Jet Lag

It’s easy to forget to take into account time zones when you’re planning your trip. It’s also worth remembering that time zones can sometimes change within a country so it’s worth double-checking travel times. If you’re travelling with a smart device like an iPhone or iPad, check to see if it will be automatically correcting its time depending on your location. It’s worth budgeting a day or two for jet lag if you’re making a big trip.

4. Shortage of Money

Lack of cash when travelling can lead to disastrous consequences. Ensure you get adequate local currency from the ATMs at the airport to take advantage of the excellent exchange rates. Take enough money for emergencies as well. Use your debit card (whenever possible) but always have local cash in hand.

5.Not checking your phone plan

It is extremely vital to have a data roaming plan that covers internet usage and phone call. A better alternative will be buying a local sim card as soon as you arrive in your destination country.

For Nigerians, consider AIRTEL or MTN sim card as they cover more than 150 countries and have affordable roaming plans.

7. Not Buying Travel Insurance

Most people travel without travel insurance. This comes with serious risk. You might incur serious liabilities. Anything can go wrong during the course of your travel. From abrupt flight cancellation to emergency medical expenses. It is important you have travel insurance that can cover this before you embark on your journey.

8. Not checking visa requirement

A lot of travellers (especially from African countries) have been turned away at immigration checkpoints. This has caused a loss of expenses, waste of time and disappointment. We have listed some visa requirement of many countries here, do well to check.

9. Not keeping your valuables safe

Loss of valuables is enough to put an indelible stain on your trip and ruin your entire travel. Ensure you keep your valuables in anti-theft bags. Make sure you keep cash and electronic gadgets with you where possible.

10. Cultural insensitivity

To avoid embarrassment and smooth trip, make sure you take cognisant of the religious and cultural beliefs and traditions of the city or area. Try as much as possible to avoid what is ‘offensive’ or ‘abnormal’.

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What’s you take on these few points? Do you think that there are other mistakes I have not added here that travelers do make? If yes, then shot it at the comment section below let’s know and don’t forget to share.